Terms And Sayings That Are Used In Behavioral Therapy

The medical profession is filled with different types of doctors, terms, sayings and procedures.  When working with behavioral therapists san angelo you will hear them say a lot of different fancy words and sayings.  To help you better understand what it is they are saying, here is a breakdown of some of the most popular ones.

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When we refer to the term filtering we are talking about the person’s ability to force joy out of their lives and to focus on the negative areas of life.  If a therapist makes notes to roe relates to filtering the task of trying to get the patient to look towards the positives of life is needed.

Polarized thinking

The world isn’t black and white.  However, those who focus on polarized thinking only see the world in this way.  When we look at the black and white or all or nothing type of thinking we are dealing with patents that don’t see any options to move forward or other possibilities in life.  An example of this would be if they are fired from a job their black and white form of thinking makes them believe that they will never get another job.  This will also send them deeper into their depression.


The term or overgeneralizing refers to a patient picking a single point or event in life and harping on it to death.  An example would be taking a test in school or going for a job interview.  In the school example if you get an answer wrong on a test or answer the question incorrectly you are stupid and won’t answer a question again.  The same goes for the job interview.  If you go for an interview and don’t get the job the patient won’t feel that they can go and try again at another job.

These are just a few examples of terms that can be used and discussed by a psychotherapist.